Sprint and Google announce partnership to give users better mobile experience

Sprint customers are about to get an upgrade to their mobile Internet experience thanks to Google’s partnership with Sprint. This new partnership is made with the aim of integrating Google applications and services into Sprint customers’ mobile experience.

From now on, Google will be the preferred mobile search provider for Sprint customers, as well as having easier access to Google Maps for mobile, YouTube and other Google-powered or Google-owned services.

Sprint and Google

The previously mentioned features will be available to Sprint customers this summer, including the following:

  • Google mobile search: Google will become the default search provider for web search and local search (GPS-enabled) on the Sprint portal on customers’ current web-enabled Sprint phones as well as new devices. On select new devices later this year, Sprint customers will be able to bring up a Google search box on their device’s home screen, providing them with one-click access to Google mobile search.
  • Google Maps for mobile: Also featured on new Sprint handsets and available on some current smart phones will be Google Maps for mobile, an application that enables users to view maps and satellite imagery, find local businesses, get driving directions and view real-time traffic information when they’re on the go.
  • YouTube: With this new partnership, millions of fun and interesting YouTube videos — as well as all the user’s favorites, videos and channels — will be accessible from select new Sprint handsets.
  • Location-enabled search and maps: Sprint will also enable users to take advantage of location data for Google search and Google Maps for mobile, making it even easier for users to discover what’s around them and then figure out how to get there.

So if you’re currently using a mobile under Sprint’s network, expect to get an upgrade in your mobile Internet experience during this summer. I think that should be any minute now.

Author: David Gonzales

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