Sony Ericsson BeiBei pics in the wild, again

BeiBei’s back, quite literally. And it also comes with a stylus. If you found my last two sentences a bit puzzling, simply scroll down to see a couple of photos of Sony Ericsson’s mysterious touchscreen Walkman phone, codenamed BeiBei.

We were first offered a close-up look of the Sony Ericsson BeiBei a few days ago, via a lone “in the wild” photo, and now we have even more mugshots to get excited about – namely, a photo of its back side and left side, complete with adornments and stylus.

Sony Ericsson BeiBei back side

Sony Ericsson BeiBei with stylus

As you can see, the back side contains some embossed styling on top of it, although it’s not clear whether this would be unique to each individual phone or not.

The stylus compartment is also revealed to be on the left side of the phone, and here we see that the stylus for the white version is red.

From what we’ve seen so far, the Sony Ericsson BeiBei looks like it will be one of SE’s next great phones. The question on everyone’s mind now, of course, is when?

Via SEMC Blog

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