Leaked! AT&T’s web site leaks iPhone Black availability

At first, like many other, we were reluctant to believe that the 2nd generation iPhone (with 3G) could be shipped out in a black casing. And even with the existence of some allegedly leaked 3G iPhone photos, it’s not hard to discount the possibility of Photoshop magic going on. But today, AT&T spills the beans once again regarding the famous and infamous 3G iPhone.

AppleInsider has got the insider (what else?) scoop on the presence of an option for a “iPhone Black” from AT&T’s web site, accompanying the already familiar “iPhone” option for customers. Does this confirm that the 3G iPhone will be available in black or what?

iPhone Black

AT&T Wireless customers may be able to view this by logging in to their account at AT&T’s website. Could be a minor glitch, as with what happened to one of Motorola’s press releases back then, but with all of the rumors, this iPhone Black option fits in very nicely into the picture.

Mistake or not, we’ll be keeping an eye on this, and will update you soon as possible.

Via Apple Insider

Author: David Gonzales

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