RIM raises $150 million iFund crushing BlackBerry partners fund

RIM looks set on acting bold with their latest plans in more ways than one. Following the release of their newest flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold, RIM has announced the launching of a BlackBerry partners fund to aid in developing mobile applications and services for mobile platforms such as BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry partners fund is not the first of its kind. Google has a similar structure of their own for the open-source Android, and of course there’s the Apple iFund. But what makes the BlackBerry partners fund different, especially when compared against the Apple iFund, is that it’s $50 million greater – at $150 million.


The BlackBerry partners fund is done in conjunction with RBC and Thomson Reuters. Hopefully, when the BlackBerry Bold makes its official appearance during the summer, we’d have already seen the fruits of this new project in handsets. OK, RIM, show us what real money can buy.

Read the full press release from the official web site: BlackBerryPartnersFund.com

Author: David Gonzales

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