Sprint Nextel combo not getting any better, loses 1 million customers

While four carriers might as well be jumping for joy right now in Southeast Asia to be part of the first round of official iPhone carriers, Sprint Nextel is mourning the loss of 1 million customers so far into the year’s quarter. They even feel that this will continue during the span of the quarter, which of course means more loss for them.

Previously, we reported about rumors pertaining to the possibility of a Sprint Nextel sellout to Deutsche Telekom because of its ailing status. Well, if all doesn’t go well for Sprint, this just might be the case.

Sprint Nextel

Now, the current subscriber count of Sprint Nextel is down to 52.8 million. And that’s after its renewed efforts to strengthen the brand and cut costs in more ways than one (laying off thousands of workers, enhancing customer service, etc.).

Obviously, nothing’s worked yet. Sprint is also notable for teaming up with tech giants left and right, first with the announcement of Clearwire, a nationwide WiMAX network initiative that they are working on with Google, Intel, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. $3.2 billion was the total amount invested in the “new” Clearwire. Sprint seems pretty confident that this will work.

Or at least they hope. Chief executive Daniel Hesse said in a statement that “We are making progress in methodically attacking the sources of our performance issues.” I hope he means the strength of their network signals, because that’s what most of their subscribers have been complaining about for the longest time. And if not, there just might be another 52.8 million people ready to jump ship.

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