LG and Samsung team up to develop and promote new Digital Mobile TV Standard

LG President and CTO Woo Paik met up with JongWoo Park, Samsung’s President for Digital Media Business today to discuss and sign an agreement for their companies to jointly develop and propose technology for a mobile/handheld DTV standard to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

The event was held at the Seoul Plaza Hotel in Seoul, Korea today, where the two companies agreed to cooperate in order to assure rapid adoption by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) of a single common in-band mobile DTV standard.

The official press release notes that the mobile DTV solution to be offered by the two companies will use the existing terrestrial digital TV broadcast bandwidth, making no impact on existing digital TV and making sure there’s only a minimum broadcasting equipment investment involved.

LG and Samsung

They plan to propose their jointly developed technology as the North American technology standard for mobile DTV to the ATSC. According to LG President and Chief Technology Officer Woo Paik, “Through this collaboration, we also have an opportunity to lead the North American mobile DTV market.” And JongWoo Park, President of Samsung’s Digital Media Business hopes that the ongoing collaboration will “help accelerate the ATSC standardization of mobile TV technology, which will benefit both consumers and broadcasters.”

Trials of the technology are already being conducted by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) right now, although ATSC isn’t expected to adopt the mobile/handheld DTV standard for the North American market until early 2009.

This would be great news for mobile TV enthusiasts, and the technology is expected to be compatible with most of today’s current generation handhelds with mobile TV support, such as the recently released LG DVB-T mobile phone for Germany. Samsung should be able to produce their own compatible phones by early 2009.

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