Swisscom reveals 3G iPhone prices, official colors and max size?

While asking iPhone users how they would feel about a black version of the iPhone brings mixed responses varying from the “I like my iPhone shiny just the way it is!” to the “Black is beautiful. Bring it on!” kind of answers, I wonder how they would react when they find out that the 3G model will actually be available in three different shades – silver, black, and white.

That’s right, the 3G iPhone just might become available in June with three different colors and up to 32GB in size, according to a report. At the moment, as with all rumors, we are still in the process of verifying the info, but we do have a few interesting bits of information to share with you right now.

Swiss Telecom

According to a report lifted from a Swisscom forum, Swiss Telecom will be one of the first 3G iPhone carriers in the world. It further goes on to reveal that there will be two version of the iPhone with different storage capacities – 16GB (to be made available only in silver), and 32GB (to be made available in silver, white, and black).

Pricing is even mentioned in the report, placing the 16GB 3G iPhone at 659 Swiss Francs (nearly $630 USD) and the 32GB 3G iPhone at 799 Swiss Francs (a little more than $760 USD).

As for availability, it is said that 118 Swisscome shops and Apple’s in-development own-brand retail stores in Zurich and Geneva could be the first places where the 3G iPhone will go on sale. A new usage tariff system for would-be Swisscom subscribers is also mentioned, although I think if you don’t hail from Switzerland or are already a Swisscom customer in the first place, it will only confuse you.

The last thing it mentions is that shipping will start on either late June or early July. We can’t vow for its authenticity, but hey, at least it’s got one thing right for sure – that there will indeed be a 3G iPhone.

More info about this as it becomes available.

MacPrime via 9to5mac

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