T-Mobile delays launch of Nokia phones, scraps Motorola

It looks like T-Mobile customers who are eagerly awaiting to ditch their old mid-level phones for new ones are going to have to wait a little bit longer. An insider confirms that some of T-Mobile’s upcoming phones will be having a delay in launching, namely, a couple of Nokia music phones and a lone Motorola smartphone.

The two Nokia music phones in question are the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone and the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone. If you recall, these handsets were both launched simultaneously during August of last year together with the twisting Nokia 5700 XpressMusic phone.


We’re not sure how many people exactly are sad that the Motorola Z6w got cancelled due to “early testing issues,” but we think more people are not surprised that this has happened.

The Motorola Z6w was originally set for a launch on June 23 but is now cancelled, while the Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610 launch dates have been moved to early June and early July respectively.


Author: David Gonzales

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