3G networks of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon compared

Computerworld has an interesting article up, where Brian Nadel does the tedious work of testing and comparing the three US 3G mobile broadband providers: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

The testing was done by using a Lenovo ThinkPad X300 laptop, with separate network cards from each wireless carrier.

To simulate real-world conditions, the testing included browsing the internet and downloading big files on commuter trains, cafes, moving car and the airport – nearly 500 testing spots in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Seems like a very thorough testing was done overall; for more details, head to Computerworld.

Surprisingly, AT&T came out on top in terms of average download speed, with Verizon taking the second and Sprint the third places. The network of AT&T also provided the best average upload speed, although here Sprint took the second place. The impact of the wireless card on the battery life of the laptop was also calculated, but it really depends on what kind of a data card you choose (and all three providers offer several models of these). You can find the comparison table on Computerworld article.

Just remember that performance of wireless broadband depends a lot on your location; while it might be true that AT&T outperforms it’s competitors in the 50-mile radius where the tests were conducted, it doesn’t necessary mean that it will also be the same case in other locations around the US.

Via: Computerworld

Author: Andrius

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