3M mini-projectors to debut with Samsung phones later this year

A new device from 3M, set to “change” the way users look at their mobile phones (yet) again, will debut later this year care of Samsung. This new device will be a mini-projector, able to take images from a handset, laptop or just about any electronic device (as long as its compatible) and project it onto a floor, wall, or canvas. It’s just a bit larger than current generation mobile phone camera mechanisms. It makes you think about Samsung’s past patent applying mini-projector tech for cellphones, doesn’t it?

According to 3M CEO George Buckley, who spoke to shareholders at the RiverCentre convention hall where the mini-projectors were displayed, “We’re going to roll this out to commercialize and expand.”

3M Mini Projector

This certainly adds functionality to cellphones, although I’m not sure how many people will be happy with the amount that it also adds to the price tag. With an expected cost of about $200 to $400 USD, it’s hard to say it will be a welcome addition for most casual mobile phone users.

As of now, there’s no way to confirm whether the mini-projectors will be rolled out as stand-alone, add-on accessories for Samsung mobiles, or if these will be integrated into future Samsung cellphone models. Sure beats the heck out of bringing a “portable” projector, though.

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