Blackberry Media Sync to let BlackBerry Bold sync with iTunes

In the true spirit of so-called “iPhone killing,” as practiced by Apple competitor RIM with their latest flagship device, the BlackBerry Bold, a new software called Blackberry Media Sync is in the works, to let the Bold sync with Apple iTunes for local files and multimedia content.

Blackberry Media Sync is not yet available as of this time’s writing, however RIM assures us that it is coming, and you can sign up here to be notified when it is finally released and made available for download.

Blackberry 9000 Bold

iTunes would open the door for the Bold to a whole new world of multimedia and fluff. But even 1GB of on-board memory won’t be enough to handle that. Better prepare for the 16GB expandable memory, then, if I were you.

CrunchGear Via CNET

Author: David Gonzales

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