Intel confirms plans for Atom-based iPhone-like mini-tablet?

Intel Germany’s CEO Hannes Schwaderer has just non-chalantly confirmed that they are working with Apple to create an Intel Atom based iPhone. This has been a long-standing rumor in various Apple, Mac, and Intel circles, and the real deal has definitely become much clearer.

This Atom-based iPhone is expected to be much larger than the one that Apple currently sells, and is supposedly due to a 720×480 display-equipped Apple device for which rumors have abound for quite some time now.

Atom-based MID prototype with iPhone UI

We’re that Steve Jobs himself might unveil the final product at this year’s coming WWDC 2008, although we can’t say that is 100% correct. After all, it’s only a rumor, if only for now.

If this is indeed true, then it can’t be called an iPhone anymore, because Intel’s Atom processor is intended for use primarily with UMPCs. And if it’s that much bigger than the current iPhone, it would be more of a portable tablet-like thingy then. Whichever really happens, we hope it happens soon. All these rumors are leaving us confused.

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