LG KF510 review

LG KF510 succeeds the concept of phones like LG Chocolate or Shine. This model will take a mid-range position between the Shine model, which is slowly exiting the market, and yet to be announced KF750 Secret (aka Black Label).

The phone is done in slider form factor, is quite slim and looks rather attractive. The case is fully metalic, including the back lid. The design is very smart and compact; the memory card slot is positioned in the upper back of the phone, and the SIM slot is hidden right under the battery, in a small pull-out tray.

Changing the SIM card is a pretty complicated process, so there’s even a 4-step instruction drawn right on the case above the tray of how to do it right.

The microSD memory card slot:


There is an instruction on the phone for changing the SIM card:


The back cover is supposed to be secured in place with a small clip, which regrettably isn’t very reliable; the cover stays a little loose.

There are MP3 / camera launch and keyboard block / power on buttons located on one side of the phone, with the port for connecting the headset or the data cable below them. On the other side, there’s the volume control scroll and a loop hole for attaching the phone strap.

The right side of the phone with the button to launch the MP3 player or the camera:


When the slider is closed, the Camera button on the side will unblock the keyboard if you press it twice; you can also set it to launch the audio player with one click. It won’t turn on the camera unless the phone is open.

The phone needs to be slid open for the camera to work:


KF510 front shot, open…:


…And closed:


One of the features of the phone that definitely deserves to be mentioned is the touch sensor plate with the block of navigational buttons. It has a vibration force feedback system and uses a lot of interesting effects, reacting to every press of the button with a swirl of colors (that’s the so called “Interactive Touch Lighting” system at work). It’s not only nice but also easy and convenient to use; for example, simply clicking one of the arrows will move the cursor on the screen, while dragging your finger in the same direction on the touch sensor will move the cursor much faster. It also displays some effects during an incoming call.

The touchpad of KF510 uses some interesting effects:


As for the menu, it’s the usual one from LG, with it’s traditional 12 icons and lists inside each. It’s easy to understand and use, only the positioning of some menu items might be slightly different from other LG models.

The menu in KF510 is very similar to that of other LG models:


The phone displays date and time in big, glamorous letters with 3D effect by default; you can, of course, choose to display your own image instead.


The phone turned out to be quite interesting, especially because of it’s design. Like it was with Chocolate and Shine models, the KF510 is first and foremost a phone for women, or at least the Sunset Red color scheme that we tested is. There’s also a black/silver gradient version that looks manlier, but not all guys will find it fitting. Suffice to say, I ran a mini-survey asking my friends about it, and they all said that the phone fits the target market perfectly.

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