Maker of world’s lightest cellphone sets up branch in Korea

A new cellphone maker has recently established a branch in Korea, and they are set to focus on further R&D and global expansion. This cellphone maker is Modu, an Israeli mobile phone company responsible for making the lightest cellphone in the world.

Modu phones are small devices that aren’t full-blown phones in themselves, but sort of like little spawns that need a special “Modu Jacket” where all its other features are fitted into. The jackets make the Modu’s phones much bigger than they normally are, but enables them to work just like any other mobile phone.


Carriers in Israel, Russia and Italy are reportedly going to roll out products later this year in cooperation with Modu. Unfortunately, only GPRS-enabled handsets have been completed by Modu as of this time’s writing, and the HSDPA versions are expected to come by May 2009 – exactly one year in the future from now.

That should be about the same time Samsung rolls out its own mini-projector equipped mobile phones, and of course, there will also be a lot of other new models to be introduced by manufacturers by that time. Modu’s up for a lot of competition, then.

Author: David Gonzales

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