Packet Phone Concept Looks Surreal

If you are interested in unique, modern, functional mobile devices, the Packet Phone design concept is going to be the apple of your eye.

This innovative mobile phone concept was designed by Emir Rafat, and is unlike any other in the world.

Keeping in mind that concept phones help by giving us a glimpse of what technology may advance to and that the concepts may never actually end up materializing into the real thing, we are pretty sure that regardless, the Packet Phone concept will inspire many multi-surface handsets in the future.

The design reminds me of something from a Mission Impossible movie, and it must have impressed others as well because it won first place in the Istanbul Design Week 2007.

Packet Phone Concept

This cool cell phone concept shows the phone measuring at 5 cm x 5 cm when it is folded up, which is about half the size of a cigarette package to give you a better idea. When opened, there are five separate surfaces, each with a specific usage, and on the back the time is displayed in large character format.

Function and feature are definitely offered with this concept, and not only that but it would probably be made of eco-friendly materials.

This phone concept is incredibly advanced and of course no one can say whether the design will ever be make it into mainstream cellphone production, it is definitely something to watch out for.

Via: MobileWhack, CameraPhones Plaza

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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