Swisscom officially announces plan to bring iPhone to Switzerland

So much for the rumors about Swisscom’s plans to introduce the iPhone up in Switzerland. Earlier today, the rumors ended, because Swisscom announced official confirmation that it will indeed be bringing the iPhone to Switzerland later this year.

However, similar to what other operators who also got a deal to market the iPhone in their respective countries recently, Swisscom would not say anything than that it will roll out the iPhone soon. Or if not, at least they that it’s coming.

Swisscom iPhone in Switzerland

Accessing their homepage right now will bring you to their short announcement, similar to the ones made by SingTel, and the other Asian carriers that will get the iPhone later this year.

In case you want to be notified by Swisscom of any updates regarding the availability of the iPhone, you can register here and wait for them to send anything out (in the form of a newsletter, I suppose), like the rest of us.

Via Engadget Mobile

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