Garmin offers “Lifetime of Navigation” to BlackBerry users for $99.99

If Garmin can’t sell you one of their GPS devices, they could still try to sell you the service that’s supposed to come with it. That is, the navigation service that’s really the core of their business. This comes in the sweet, sweet form of a $99.99 one-time-purchase plan that gives BlackBerry device owners a so-called “Lifetime of Navigation.”

But you know, as in prison, when they say lifetime, it doesn’t really last until the day that you die. The lifetime Garmin is referring to is actually the lifetime of your BlackBerry device. Not you, unfortunately.


Still, notwithstanding, this is still a pretty fine deal. Here are the highlights of Garmin’s offer, as told by the company itself:

This one-time-purchase plan requires no monthly subscription fee, and offers users turn-by-turn directions while supplying millions of points of interest like hotels, restaurants, shopping venues and tourist attractions.

Also included in this special offer is unlimited access to Garmin Mobile’s dynamic content such as traffic, weather conditions and forecasts, fuel prices and more. And mapping data is stored online, so it’s always up to date courtesy of Garmin. They even have a solution for BlackBerry’s without embedded GPS.

More details can be found on Garmin’s web site.

Via Garmin Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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