Intel sets Atom-based iPhone mini-tablet rumor straight

In only a day’s time, one of the biggest rumors about Apple’s iPhone has been debunked. Yesterday we reported about how Intel Germany General Manager Hannes Schwaderer confirmed the possibility of an Intel Atom-based iPhone coming very soon. But after the news about this rumor spread, the same source of the original rumor takes it back, with a statement from Intel to finally clear things up.

According to the report where Intel disclaimed the rumor, Intel Germany’s CEO was only generalizing about the kinds of device that the Intel Atom might be able to power in the future. Sure, it might be a nice idea, but right now there simply is no truth in the rumors saying that Intel is working closely with Apple now for such a device.

Intel Atom based iPhone rumor smashed

Come to think of it, that the iPhone will have an Intel Atom chip does seem pretty far-fetched, since that would make it more of a UMPC, and not a phone anymore. But haven’t we seen this behavior before, where we innocently spot a few clues somewhere, that later end up being explained by their owners because the news has spread faster than wildfire across the Internet?

Whatever the case may be, feel free to weigh the facts and decide for yourself, if there will be an Atom-based iPhone soon or not.

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