John Mayer shows off new BlackBerry Bold

When self-confessed “Font Whore” John Mayer isn’t kicking it with the cool boys in Cupertino, he’s looking elsewhere to satisfy his geeky needs. This time his eyes fall on the BlackBerry Bold and, what do you know, now he has one, way before anyone else has even had a chance to see it in stores.

According to John, “It has blazing fast 3G and twice the screen resolution.” Yes, but we already know that. Something else he notes, though, is that it has fonts that look like something out of the New York Times. Which makes “WHERE R U” read as if it were an op/ed.

John Mayer\'s BlackBerry Bold

But does that mean he won’t be performing at the next Keynote with Steve anymore? I guess that’s what happens when you just can’t control your inner geek.

Via Honeyee

Author: David Gonzales

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