Retro clamshell phone concept designer thinks about our future

What happens when you get too old (or crazy) to use your now awesome touchscreen-toting, super-user-friendly, “includes everything but the kitchen sink cause it’s being repared” kind of phone? I’ll tell you what, you’ll try to call but you’ve forgotten how, you’ll get lost in the woods cause your eyesight is too blurred to see the maps, and worse, you’ll be paying up thousands in minutes because you always fail to hang up each time you call back at home. That’s not one of the best scenarios now, is it?

But a simple design by Matthias Pinkert might hold the answer to this predicament. His Old / New Phone concept offers a clamshell-type flip phone designed like those old phone receivers of yesteryear. Yes, just like the ones you’d expect to find in phone booths. The only difference is it only features four keys and as earlier hinted, a folding design.

Retro Clamshell Phone Concept

It’s four keys allow for direct calling and one-touch dialing, and it also boasts a GPS tracking feature inside its unassuming shell.

The wire you see here isn’t connected to a modem, because you see, this is a lanyard to keep you from misplacing this phone while you party with other elderly persons. It drags the phone down in terms of style (because there seems to be no way to remove it) but it makes up for it with the added security and portability.

Retro Clamshell Phone Concept

Via Yanko Design

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