Texas Instruments confirms projectors in mobiles phones this year

John Van Scoter, the senior vice president of Texas Instruments (TI), has confirmed that projectors in mobile phones are coming later this year when he was speaking in Taipei at a TI forum on May 14th.

Not only that, the company believes that mobile projectors will become as popular as built-in cameras in five to ten years from now. Even if only 1% of mobile phones would be shipped with an integrated projector, that would already count for 10 millions units a year considering the size of the current handset market.

Mini ProjectorVan Scoter said that some companies are already developing commercial products based on TI’s technology, and we should see these in the second half of 2008. If you recall, we wrote about Samsung phones with 3M mini-projectors recently that will hit the market this year. Imagine the possibilities – now you will be able to annoy people in public places not only with your loud talking, but with a projection of your favorite movie on the wall, too!

TI introduced their DLP Pico chipset back in February; it includes an imaging chip and a processor unit, and is small enough to be fit on a mobile device. DLP stands for “Digital Light Processing” and Texas Instruments is the only company in the world producing projectors of this type.

Via: DigiTimes

Author: Andrius

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