Verizon replacing technician laptops with Blackberries

Verizon Partner Solutions unit (VPS for short) is replacing the laptops of their field technicians with smartphones from Blackberry, according to the company’s news release.

They had to replace some 2,250 laptops, but it seems that the move was worth it, and Verizon workers are enjoying “big boosts in mobility and operating efficiency”.

What allowed the company to make this move is a network application developed by Verizon’s own IT team that was demonstrated today at Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2008 in Orlando.

Blackberry 8703e

The software on the Blackberry smartphone provides exactly the same functions like the company’s software on laptops the technicians were using before – with added benefits.

The most obvious advantage of using a smartphone instead of a laptop is mobility; the change from a 3.5 kg laptop to a 135 gram BlackBerry 8703e must be pretty noticeable. There’s also the benefit of simplicity and not having to wait for the laptop OS to boot up. Plus, you don’t need to carry a separate mobile phone.

The 8703e features a full QWERTY keyboard, high resolution display and other goodies.

According to Verizon, the overall response of their field technicians was positive, and the cost of equipping one technician with a smartphone is obviously lower than the cost of equipping the same worker with a laptop.

Via: Verizon

Author: Andrius

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