More LG VX8610 spy shots, possible launch date

As we earlier reported, the next couple of months could see the launch of a cool new handset that equates to the word portable in more ways than one. I’m talking about the LG VX8610, which according to the latest rumors, could be launched by Verizon some time this June. It might not be sooner than you want but at least it’s getting close.

The VX8610 is a shiny and slidey phone from LG that features an in-built Bluetooth headset as part of the phone itself. OK, th headset is actually fitted onto the back of the LG VX8610 via a dock, just like a regular back pack if it was a school boy, but the integration was done pretty well.

LG VX8610 back side

Since this phone was first announced, a lot of Bluetooth-headset craving phone-heads have started to pray for the day of its arrival. Unfortunately, there has been no word from either LG or Verizon yet as to an official launch date. Could they be having problems with the way the Bluetooth headset is integrated with the phone? Or do they just want to build suspense. I guess we’ll never know for now, but June is just around the corner anyway. You might as well just wait. Here’s another spy shot.

LG VX8610

Via Engadget Mobile

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