Asocs unveils phone processor to run 3G, LTE, WI-Fi via software updates

Convergence has always been a good thing, whether it lets you carry a phone that’s also capable of playing your music, or an Internet device that’s also good at telling you directions. But nothing in relation to convergence has ever been done to the way our wireless devices communicate and connect, until now. A company named ASOCS today announced the introduction of the world’s first software radio, which would be able to switch on 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi capabilities all via a software update. That’s right, no hardware upgrade required. At first you might think this new technology insignificant, but you would be wrong. Because this opens mobile devices up to a whole new world of possibilities.

ASOCS Multicomm processor

First, the skinny. In any working mobile phone at this point in time, there are at least a couple of radios that let it do its thing. The one thing always present is a base band processor, which lets your device communicate with the wireless network. After that, there are a bunch of other radios including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Infrared radios, and GPS chips for a few high-end devices. This alone causes manufacturers to churn out devices that are bigger than earlier imagined, because the more chips or wireless radios in a device means more things to fit in the casing.

Now imagine it all being incorporated in one neat contraption, capable of running 3G, Wi-Fi, the whole package (even the yet unannounced LTE) via an unassuming little software update. That’s what you get with the ASOCS MP100.

Read that again – the ASOCS MP100 isn’t a new PMP from Apple. It’s the world’s first software-updatable radio for mobile phones, a MultiComm processor that changes the game as far as mobile communications devices are concerned.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can get from this new processor, courtesy of ASOCS’ official press release:

Customers using ASOCS’ single-chip MultiComm processor can reduce the
bill of materials (BOM) by up to 50% and reduce power consumption by as
much as 70%, whilst supporting wireless standards such as GSM/EDGE/GPRS,
WiFi, HD Mobile Digital TV, and GPS. The software reconfigurable ModemX(TM)
core in the MP100 further enables handheld device manufacturers, OEMs, and
ODMs to move into the 4G era smoothly by developing software-based Super
3G, LTE, and Mobile WiMax products today.

Now you can’t wait. Read the official documentation here [PDF] .

Author: David Gonzales

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