Swisscom launches Bluewin TV mobile for Nokia N77 phone users

Own a Nokia N77? In Switzerland? Then read on. Swisscom has just announced a new service that lets you watch mobile TV (in HD!) directly from your phone, and calls it Bluewin TV mobile. It’s a collaboration with Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks, and is up now in time for the Euro 2008 football tournament.

Swisscom’s Bluewin TV mobile provides users with 30 mobile TV channels including SF1, TSR1 and Eurosport. According to Swisscom, 44 per cent of the Swiss population should be able to access their HD quality mobile TV effortlessly, mostly in the area of Basel, Berne, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne.

Swisscom DVB-H service

Now you might think, “Hey, this is great! I’ve always wanted to watch my favorite Mexican soap on a 2-inch screen!” but don’t be surprised if I tell you you’re going to have to fork out $16 a month to get a taste of the service. What? You didn’t really think this was free, didn’t you? And besides, I don’t think they have any Mexican soaps out there in Switzerland anyway.

However if you’re from Finland, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and especially the Philippines, you may also experience a similar service as Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks are currently working on commercial launches for these countries as well. Non-Nokia N77 phone owners need not fret, by the way, because the mobile TV service is said to be also available via EDGE or 3G.

As for the other 66% of the Swiss population who are either out of the DVB-H coverage area or do not own their own DVB-H capable devices, Vodafone’s live! portal (again with 3G or EDGE) will do. The service is expected to launch in mid-May.

Swisscom Via Mobile Entertainment

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