Friendster launches new mobile site

As if it wasn’t hard enough already to avoid all your Friendsters lately and live a sedentary life just like the way we all used to, Friendster is adding yet another clever way for you to access your account directly from your mobile phone. It’s their first official mobile site, unsurprisingly called Friendster Mobile. You’d think this is probably because of all the buzz in mobile Internet usage recently, no?

You can access Friendster Mobile by going to on your mobile phone, and here you will be able to connect with all 3 of your friends plus the 70 million other Friendster users who are, if you haven’t noticed it yet, complete strangers.
Friendster Launches New Mobile Site
But you know what they say, strangers are just friends waiting to happen. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but I do know that Friendster will be adding support for multiple languages in its new mobile site, first Indonesian, and then others in the weeks to come.

So if you’ve nothing to do and are in the mood for some mindless surfing (with friends, of course), head on over to

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