Nokia sees increasing role of Linux in handsets

Although no direct statement has been made (or at least none that has been quoted), Reuters is reporting that company officials from Nokia “expect the role of the Linux operating system in its product portfolio to increase as the role of its Internet-focused devices grows.”

It might be that Nokia will introduce a few new handsets incorporating the said open-source operating system, but then again it could just roll out a beefier, upgraded version of its current generation Internet devices (such as the Nokia N800).

Linux on Nokia N800

According to a comment made by Nokia spokesman Kari Tuutti, Nokia will expand its Internet tablet range, believing that the role of Linux will grow. Nokia’s Chief Financial Officer Rick Simonson also had a similar opinion on the matter, saying that the role of Linux-based tablets will be “terribly important.”

But if Nokia goes the way of Linux, then what of Symbian? It’s been the crowning glory of their smartphones for quite some time now, and is undoubtedly favored by most of its users. Some might even say it is the sole reason why the company reigned supreme in the mobile phone arena. So switching or expanding to Linux will surely be a hard move to make. That is if they ever really will, though.

Via Reuters

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