Philips 198 and 199 coming to Europe and Asia

A far cry from its incredibly sexy “edge to edge” touchscreen phone, the Xenium X800 e2e, Philips introduces a new low-end handset that’s as basic as it gets. Not only does this phone do nothing else but facilitate calls and text messages, it also lacks a camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and obviously, a touchscreen.

The Philips 198 and Philips 199 are two variations of this new low-end handset, with the Philips 198 as the default handset model while the Philips 198 is the souped-up version featuring an inbuilt FM radio. Very high technology right there, eh?

Philips 198

The Philips 198 and 199 are going to have exactly the same design, measuring 99 x 42 x 13.5 mm and weighing only 65 grams. It has 3 embedded games to keep you company after meticulously typing away at its simple keypad with 4-way navigation key.

A miniUSB connectivity option is provided, although I can’t see why plugging this into a PC would help since it doesn’t have removable storage or any PC-related applications anyway. I ascertain that this could also be used to charge the 800mAh battery, though.

The Philips 198 and 199 should be available in a few months for about $62. Pretty affordable, if I may say.

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