Traffic to social networks makes up to 40% of mobile internet usage

Traffic to social network websites (such as MySpace) makes up as much as 40% of the mobile internet usage, Opera writes. The internet browser company has compiled their first “State of the Mobile Web” report, which you can read here.

Among other info, most visited sites for several countries, total Opera Mini users (nearly 45 million now) and bandwidth generated by them (33 thousand GB), and the percentage-based popularity of the company’s Opera Mini browser are listed in the report.

Opera Mini Users

Total users of Opera Mini (statistics from Opera Software)

The popularity of social networks among the users of mobile web comes as no surprise; mobile internet lets them connect with their friends no matter the location. They are especially popular in United States, and surprisingly, in Indonesia where traffic to these sites comprises 63% of total mobile internet bandwidth.

Other popular websites vary depending on the country, but usually these are search engines, entertainment websites, e-mail providers and news portals.

Another interesting fact is the WAP content. I don’t think you will be surprised to hear that WAP is dying – WAP content is generating 23% of the traffic versus the 77% of the WWW. These numbers vary across different countries; for example, WAP usage is as low as 4% in Poland.

Among all the information, the company takes time to advertise their Opera Mini browser, which is currently the most popular mobile web browser in the world. Wondering where they got all the numbers from? Opera Mini collects some data like IP addresses and usage patterns for statistical purposes as stated in their privacy policies.


Author: Andrius

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