Geo-tagging coming to iPhone 2.0 camera?

Another department where phones like the Nokia N95 or Nokia N82 trump the Apple iPhone and its underpowered camera is in the non-use of geo-tagging, given that it achieves “near-GPS” functionality all with triangulation via 3G or Wi-Fi. This, however, is about to change with iPhone 2.0, where among the improvements and additional feature is the inclusion of geo-tagging to camera photos, according to a report.

It is expected to work in the same way as other camera phones with such a feature, and there’s even a toggle button for users to either turn the feature on or off.

Apple iPhone 2.0 with geotagging features (screenshots)

This new geo-tagging feature will also be made available for applications other than the camera, such as the Maps application. And each time these apps are opened, the user is asked whether he/she would like to use the said geo-tagging feature.

The only problem now, would seem, is that the iPhone still has a camera with a low megapixel count. Would it be too hard for Apple to include a new camera starting at least at 3.2 megapixels? We’ll hit you up with anything new about this soon as possible.

Via Apple Insider

Author: David Gonzales

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