Nokia Maps 2.0 out of beta

Nokia has announced today that their new Nokia Maps version (2.0) has finally left the beta stage and is now available for download and eligible for customer support. The beta version was very popular, reaching 240 thousand downloads since it’s announcement back in February.

The biggest update in 2.0 is the addition of Walk module, which provides pedestrian navigation, gives information on your surroundings, and can even guide you from point A to point B. As you walk with this thing turned on, small “breadcrumbs” are tracing your route on the map.

If you have the 6210 Navigator, this application can even make use of the built-in compass feature of the device. The new Maps also include public transportation stations, but these are only available for 17 cities in total.

The old car navigation feature got renamed to Drive and also updated with new UI and functions like route planner with multiple stopovers and calculator for average journey speed.

The new Discover now has satellite images and can provide rich multimedia guides for some of the biggest cities.

Nokia Maps is freely available for select Nokia devices, and has navigable maps for over 70 different countries; visit for more info and downloads.


Author: Andrius

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