Sprint’s Samsung Instinct to be launched on June 20th

Eager to get your grubby hands on a new iPhone killer? Well then get them (and your wallets) ready because Sprint’s Samsung Instint has been confirmed to launch on June 20th, which is less than a month from now.

The Samsung Instinct maintains the same minimalist form factor, carrying a 3.1-inch touchscreen with it plus only three hard keys on its face. It also features local haptic feedback so that you’ll be able to feel each key press on its slippery touchscreen display. Other than that, it has basically the same features as the iPhone, without the dedication to music, of course.

Sprint Samsung Instinct

Since Apple’s 2nd-gen fruit phone is expected to launch some time next month too, this could prove to be a hard sell for Samsung and Sprint. But then again, if their marketing team is good enough (and if the phone is as good as they say) perhaps enough people might be convinced to finally kill the Apple iPhone. Perhaps…

Via Mobile Crunch

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  • http://www.sprint-really-sucks.com AllenHarkleroad

    Sprint overcharged my small (US) company for over $50,000.00. We caught them doing it and now they refuse to refund the over-payments. You can read the full story at http://www.sprint-really-sucks.com


    ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown

    2008 or 2009.?

  • Name

    does it even have IM? and if not then it sucks

  • Name

    does it even have IM? and if not then it sucks