Nokia starts work on allowing N-gage game transfers

Earlier today, Nokia and N-gage took a beating from bloggers and users because it was discovered that N-gage games could not be transferred from old devices onto new ones in order to prevent software piracy. Fortunately, Nokia took the time to look into the matter, and has now come out with a statement that says “a fix is in the works” with regards to this issue.

This “fix” will only be a temporary one, though, as Nokia bravely admits, and users may needs to bring their phones to a Nokia Care Center for service before it actually gets the fix. A longer-term fix in the works, of course, but as with all things as large as N-gage, this is going to take some time.

Nokia N-Gage update - it\'s good news!

Here’s Nokia’s take on the matter:

As it stands, you can transfer your profile and associated info, but due to piracy issues, not the games. Yet. We don’t have any timeline for the fix, but the games guys are aware how big an issue this is and doing their best to solve it.

If that doesn’t quell your nerves, we don’t know what will. Ah, don’t worry, we’ll tell you about it once the update is available, if that helps.

Via Nokia Conversations

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