First official press photos Nokia E66 and E71

Sure, we’ve already seen an awful lot of the Nokia E71 and E66 through leaked spy photos, but we have yet to hear an official announcement from Nokia yet, and so we haven’t seen any official press pics as well. That’s what we’re going to give you tonight, a first look at the Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 at their best.

If you recall, the Nokia E66 just received the FCC stamp of approval recently, and although we still don’t know what ever happened to the E71 and its supposed May 8 launch, we’re feeling it’s going to be launched along side its sliding slim brother.

Nokia E66 and E71 First Official Press Pics

Here in the press photos we see the two new business handsets in blurry detail, and it looks like both will carry some kind of altered Symbian OS. The E71 looks like a perfected E61, and I stand by my words in saying the E66 is an E65 on steroids.

That’s a lot of complicating numbers spewed right there, but still none of these are as important than what we all really want to know – the date of the official launch and pricing details, of course. With this, we’re pretty sure it won’t be a long wait from now. If we learn anything, we’ll let you know.

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