Nokia N78 now available, only in Finland

Both the Cocoa Brown and Pearl White versions of the Nokia N78 are available now in Finland courtesy of an online store called According to the site, they received more than 25 pieces of the Nokia N78 last Friday, of which 17 have already been ordered.

“Vapaana 10 kpl.” gives us “Vacancies 10 pcs. ” via Google’s machine translation, and we take that as notice that there are only 10 units left in stock. Although if you do the math, that doesn’t quite fit with the earlier statement saying out of 25, 17 have been ordered (25 – 17 = 8). But hey…

Nokia N78

The price of one Nokia N78 without a sim card is 448 euros, which includes a 1 year subscription to Nokia Maps Navigation for the Nordic region. It’s not as affordable as most people would want it to be, but at least it’s not as expensive as some of Nokia’s other recent smart phones.

We’re not sure when but we think the Nokia N78 will also be rolled out to other countries some time in the near future.

Product Page Via All About Symbian

Author: David Gonzales

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  • krisse

    Thanks for the link!

    The 448 euro price includes 22% Finnish sales tax, it won’t cost the same everywhere because different countries have different sales tax levels.

    On the maths question, “more than 25″ is not the same thing as “25”, that’s why your figures don’t add up. :-)