Sony Ericsson P5i Paris is actually P200? NOT!

Seriously, where do they get these things? I mean, really, UAF Profiles aren’t the easiest things to find on manufacturer’s web sites, you know.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is supposed to be about. This post is supposed to be about how the Sony Ericsson P5i, which practically every technology news journalist out there has been fond to call “Paris” since its first leaked photos came out on the ‘net, is actually called the Sony Ericsson P200, according to SE itself.

The info didn’t really come from SE, or at least not in the form of an official press release, but it came directly from them – from their web site, specifically.

Sony Ericsson P5i Paris is actually P200

Pictured here is the Sony Ericsson P5i and to its left is a screenshot of the UAF profile from its web site. Curiously, though, the model number indicated in the UAF profile is P200, instead of P5i. So I guess that’s what we should be calling this handset from now on… right?


If you paid attention in a previous post where I detailed Sony Ericsson’s new naming system for phones, you’d know immediately that a handset called P200 should be a candybar (ends with 0), not a slider, which the Sony Ericsson P5i is. And actually, the model number P5i fits the part very nicely, since model numbers ending in 5 mean the phone has a slider form factor, according to SE’s new naming system.

Also, the UAF profile where this P200 model number came from says that its camera is only a 2 megapixel one. And isn’t the Paris supposed to have a 5 megapixel camera? See screenshot (1600×1200 is the resolution of 2 megapixel camera photos):


I think I’ve made myself clear. And with that, gentlemen, I rest my case.

In correction to Engadget Mobile and Cellpassion

Update: Thanks to Bider’s comment, we now know that another 5 megapixel toting SE phone, the G900, also has a max MMS resolution of 1600×1200, which means that it probably has no relation to the megapixel count on the phones themselves after all.

But regardless of which, the SE model naming scheme still stands. And that gives us reason to believe that if a P200 phone from SE ever comes out, it will be a candy bar. My apologies for causing some of you confusion.

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Chris Ziegler

    You make an interesting point about the model number scheme, but the resolution you point out there references maximum MMS attachment resolution, not camera resolution, correct?

    Engadget Mobile

  • David Gonzales

    Yes, what I pointed out is for the maximum MMS resolution, but based on UAProf’s of similar phones, this seems to have a direct correlation to the megapixel count of the camera, if it isn’t the biggest clue itself.

    Here are UaProf’s of the K810i and K800i, which both have a maximum MMS resolution of 2048×1536 (3 megapixels). The K850 also has a max image resolution of 2048×1536, but it has a 5 megapixel cam. Now the P5i has a 5MP cam, so it’s more likely for it to have 2048×1536 as its max MMS res than 1600×1200, which is what the P200 UaProf is telling us.

  • Bider

    Unfortunatelly in G900 UAF profile the maximum MMS image resolution is also 1600×1200. It looks like it’s some kind of UIQ limitation…

  • Staska

    Thank’s Bider,

    We updated the post with your info

  • norti

    P5i or Paris is really the P200 and it has the old 208MHz cpu (see it for yourself on mobile-review)