AT&T Now Offering Prorated ETFs

In a very quiet move, AT&T Mobility followed Verizon’s footsteps by officially offering prorated cancellation fees today.

This means that the further customers are through their contract the less they have to pay to get out of it. This is another large step for wireless providers as Congress aims to put a stop to contracts and cancellation fees completely.

The proration is simple: for each month of your contract, the cancellation fee drops by $5. In other words, if you are halfway through your 2-year contract you will only pay $115 per line to get out instead of $175; if you have 6 months left, that amount drops to $85. With one month left, you pay $60. While with one month remaining this may not seem like such a great deal, don’t forget that this is TONS better than when the ETF was $175 all the way up until the contract ended; so, if you are so desperate to leave AT&T that you can’t wait 2 weeks, $60 is still much better than $175! 🙂

Disclaimer: this offer is extended only to those who renew or activate contracts as of May 25; customers who began or upgraded prior to this date will not qualify for this offer.

AT&T, which announced their plans to offer the prorated fees last fall, is the second wireless provider in the States to offer prorated ETFs, but Sprint and T-Mobile have also announced prorated fees and should be offering them later this year.

Author: Brad Molen

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