Nokia 7310 Classic first official photo

The Nokia 7310 Classic looks like a cross between Nokia’s steely 6300 and 6233. But you can bet it’ll be showing off more features, being a new model and all.

From what we can tell you, the Nokia 7310 Classic is a S40 powered phone, which is to say you won’t be needing this if you’re looking for a supercomputing smartphone.

This is a phone for the casual mobile phone user, who needs a phone that does what any phone is supposed to do. And that’s play music with FM radio make calls and text messages. That’s what the 7310 Classic is supposed to be all about. Ah, but it has a few secrets hidden up its sleeve.

Nokia 7310 Classic First Official Pic

We haven’t laid our eyes on the back side of this phone, but we’re told it’ll have a 3.2 megapixel camera there. We’ll confirm once we see some photos. It also supposedly features a 16 million color, 2.2 inch QCGA screen, built-in FM radio and music player, stereo Bluetooth A2DP, expandable memory, USB connectivity, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Certainly more than what your average cellphone user would expect to have, no?

Seeing this official photo doing the rounds on the Web right now, the real thing should be able to reach stores some time in the following months. We’ll be here to let you know once it does.

Photo from Mobile-Review

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