UK LG KC550 is LG’s cheapest 5MP cameraphone

Now here’s a deal. A 14.3 mm thin Tri-Band GSM/EDGE handset that rocks a 5 megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach autofocus optics. Aside from that, it offers a 240×320 pixel display, A2DP Bluetooth, expandable memory via microSD card, USB connectivity and speakerphone functionality. But how much should you be willing to pay for such a cool phone? Let me answer that for you – only $350 USD.

Now if that isn’t cheap, I don’t know what is. The phone I described above is the one pictured here, the LG KC550, which is now available for only £179.95 or just a little over $350 USD unlocked and SIM-free in the UK.

LG KC550

The LG KC550 is a mobile devices that focuses on imaging features and multimedia functionality, offering advanced technology in a desirably affordable package. It also has 6 built-in motion sensitive games, FM radio, MP3 player, video/image editors and support for standard messaging features making it sort of a jack of all trades for phones.

It’s even offered with discounts for orders of 5 units or more, so don’t waste time by asking me why but head on directly to this site, credit card in hand, and list of possible recipients ready – let the shopping begin!

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