19 new handsets from NTT DoCoMo include LG Wine, Nokia NM706i

OK, so now we’re aware, aside from the LG KF300 Wine, NTT DoCoMo is also going to release 17 other phones and a so-called Nokia NM706i. These phones all look good in themselves. And the spec sheets assure us that any user enticed into getting such phones will be getting their daily multimedia needs filled big time.

NTT DoCoMo has actually released two batches of handsets, the 906i series and the 706i Series. The phones we know, or are at least familiar with, the FOMA L706ie (LG Wine) and Nokia NM706i both belong to the NTT DoCoMo’s 706i Series of phones.

Nokia NM706i

The 906i Series is composed of eight handsets, all of which are equipped with top of the line features, and some of these are the following:

  • 3G/GSM international roaming, HSDPA network support
  • upgraded GPS location information
  • “One-Segment” mobile TV, 2 in 1® (combines capabilities of two phones in one)
  • DCMX® mobile credit card, iD™ mobile credit payments
  • VGA LCD screen
  • voice-to-text translation for Chinese, English and Japanese

The 906i series phones also act as mobile multimedia monsters, with direct access to DOCOMO’s Music & Video Channel, which offers users more than 100 channels of downloadable broadcasts spanning 14 genres.

The 706i series, on the other hand, is composed of 11 phones, all of which “boast slim, sophisticated designs (as exemplified by the LG Wine) and compatibility with “One-Segment” mobile TV.” A very bulky Nokia NM706i is included in the series, measuring 46mm×105mm×15mm. It carries most of the same features of the other phones in the series in which it belongs to.

A launch schedule is also provided for both series of phones, with the 906i Series scheduled for an earlier release than the 706i Series, starting at June while the other could start in July.

Hopefully, pricing and additional info as to where exactly these phones will be available gets included in NTT DoCoMo’s next update, but far as we can see, Japan may be the only place where you can score them.

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Update: DoCoMo’s Nokia NM706i is actually the Nokia 6214 Classic, originally offered by Vodafone. Who woulda known?

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