Samsung ditches Qualcomm for Infineon chipsets

Only Samsung knows the real story behind its recent move to acquire more chipsets from Germany’s Infineon Technologies, but it looks like the Samsung-Infineon relationship is only going to get stronger, if only for now.

Before Infineon, Samsung’s chipset needs used to be serviced by US-based Qualcomm. But Samsung suddenly decided in April that Qualcomm just won’t cut it any more, and that it needs to source things to a new company – that is, Infineon – if it’s ever going to achieve full diversity in their mobile phone offerings. Or something like that.

Samsung and Infineon

In fairness to Qualcomm, they’ve done a pretty good job in helping Samsung climb up fast in the consumer handset market, but a keen selling point that Infineon has and they don’t is cheaper price points. That’s why Samsung seems like it would rather plan to develop more Infineon-based mobile phones than keep wasting time in fruitless price negotiations with Qualcomm.

A senior Samsung Electronics executive commented recently that, “While they’re more than 20 percent cheaper, Infineon’s chipsets are not inferior to Qualcomm’s in quality.” Well if that’s the case then, it really will come down to who offers the more affordable chipsets. And by far, in this round, Infineon has won. It would be interesting to see what kind of handsets would materialize from the Samsung-Infineon team up, though.

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