30 cities in Morocco getting mobile TV by next year

Not to be left behind by our mobile TV loving brethren from Switzerland, Moroccan cities will be getting Mobile TV from now on up to next year. Rabat and Casablanca are the two points where this new service will start, and eight additional cities will be getting the service before 2008 ends.

And as if that’s not extensive enough, the span of this new Mobile TV service will be adding 20 more cities to the list of supported regions by the end of next year, giving a total of 30 cities that will get mobile TV.

Mobile TV hits Morocco

Two general channels in Morocco called Al Oula and 2M will be where the new service will be rolled out by local broadcaster SNRT, along with three themed channels for a bit of entertainment.

We might not be anywhere near where this new mobile TV service is going to be made available in, but with a rollout that fast, granting up to 30 cities access to the service in just under 2 years, who knows? It might spread out and reach us soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Via Nokia Conversations

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