3G iPhone really coming in 3 different colors?

We’ve heard of this before, haven’t we? The 3G iPhone in 3 new colors? We’re getting a refreshed version of this old rumor right now, only this time, the specifics don’t quite match with that of the last time.

If you recall, there was a slip in a Swisscom forum in the past that told us how the 3G iPhone will be released in 32GB models, and new colors, namely, silver, white, and black. This time we’ve got info about this very same rumor once again, but the colors have changed to a bit to include red and exclude silver.

3G iPhone 3 colors

This recent iPhone color selection rumor even comes with a set of marketing phrases:

“Extremely slim.” “Make your choice.” “Three colors, three ways of life.”

In all honesty, I can say that those phrases don’t sound like they come from Apple’s brilliant advertising execs at all. In any case, this is just still a rumor anyway, but those rendered photos do look a bit convincing… yeah, right.

Photo from iPhonehellas Via Pocket Lint

Author: David Gonzales

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