I-O Rocks Out With Tiny Bluetooth Keyboard

If you ever find yourself thinking, “self, this keyboard on my phone is just not working out for me,” accessory manufacturer I-O Data has come up with a slightly larger solution. They have just announced a new Bluetooth keyboard which is a good alternative to your PDA’s keyboard if you rock the mobile office routine hardcore.

This little ditty weighs a grand total of 170g and uses AA batteries. If you use this keyboard one hour a day one pair of batteries will last 2-3 months. Not bad at all, IMO. I have not found any information leading us to believe it will be released in the States anytime soon, but you never know. For the time being, it will be released June 11 in Japan at $153.

The question is, how small will the keyboard truly be? Small gadgets are awesome, but will it be large enough to actually type on or should we just stick with the keyboards on our PDAs for now? After all, if you can’t type on it comfortably, what’s the point? (To type on it uncomfortably, I suppose…)

via Crunchgear

Author: Brad Molen

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