Pelago Whrrl and iControl, first iPhone iFunded apps

Although we are yet to see anything to come forth from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, the Apple iFund takes a different path, and the first two apps to receive funding from it have already been announced.

There are two of them; one is a location-based app like many before it, called Whrrl, and the other a remote controller for household devices, called iControl (very creative, no?).

Whrrl and iControl

Now what exactly did these apps possess that made them worthy of receiving a part of the iFund? We don’t know, but all we can say is that if these apps were cellphones, they would be low-end, and very unattractive. You’d think that with all the hype the device they’re going into receives, the Whrrl and iControl would be something out of the ordinary. But as it turns out, they’re not. In fact, they’re so common, they already exist!

Pelago’s Whrrl is a location-based service that enables users to find information about places and businesses that are near his/her location. It combines the iPhone’s mapping features with recommendations from your Whrrl network to tell you where to go, sort of.

iControl, meanwhile, is an app that falls under the Home Security applications category, and lets you remotely control any part of your office or home that badly needs remote controlling. Others tout this as a mobile version of the home automation and security product called Home Security 2.0, but what do we know?

WWDC is fast approaching and although we can’t confirm whether or not these two iFunded apps will be making a special appearance, we do know that more apps are coming, and certainly hope they are not all like these first couple of ones. By which, we mean, more mainstream, of course.

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