White 3G iPhone in the wild?

The very first so-called iPhone 2 pics that we laid our eyes on showed us a very black device, but the latest live spy shots of Apple’s much blogged about mobile phone comes in white. That’s right, the 3G iPhone, as seen in these photos, will come in white, as indicated in our earlier post about the availability of it in 3 different colors.

But we’re also hearing rumors that the iPhone pictured here isn’t actually the iPhone, but a mere dummy. That is, a toy model given out to hard case manufacturers to build their products on. Which seems believable since the iPhone in here doesn’t look like it’s functional in any way.

White iPhone 2

White iPhone 2

White iPhone 2

If you look closely, you will also see that the iPhone in the photo does not have a hole on its front on behalf of a video-calling camera, so does this mean that iPhone 3G will not have video call? We hope not.

Either way, unless the European accessory maker from where these photos came from fesses up and tells the whole truth about it, we’re calling this a rumor.

Via iPhone Club

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