Exclusive press shots of T-Mobile’s Samsung T339

Underneath the Samsung T339’s unassuming shell lies a built-in Wi-Fi antenna, which of course means you can connect to the Internet with ease, provided that there’s a strong signal near your place.

Other than that, it has a Quad-Band EDGE antenna, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and support for microSD cards. Sure, these might be middle-of-the-road features nowadays, but at least it tries to keep up with the times, and doesn’t remind us of 1999.

The T-Mobile Samsung T339 is supposed to be tailor-made for T-Mobile’s Hotspot@Home service, but we won’t comment on the matter till we finally see the thing in action. Sure, it has the looks, but does it really work as well as T-Mobile says?

Samsung T339

Other than some very sexy looking official photos, and theorizing that it won’t cause a hole in your pocket once it finally comes out, we sadly have nothing else about this phone with us… at least right now. We can say it should be released soon, though, seeing all these official press photos and all. If it does roll out soon, we’ll let you know.

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