Nokia N96 to start shipping in July 31?

If you are one of the many people awaiting the release of Nokia’s next flagship phone, pay attention. You might have only two months left to wait. Because if’s product listing turns out right, the cellphone-crushing monster of a handset called Nokia N96 should become available as early as July 31st of this year.

Pictured here is the Nokia N96, underneath which it says a SIM-free version is available for sale in Black, and it’s unlocked. This would’ve been really great news, except for the fact that early adopters will need to bleed £600 or nearly $1,200 to get a hold of this phone.

Nokia N96 July 31

For all the bells and whistles it has, it would be understandable for the Nokia N96 to have a relatively high introductory price. But at more than $1,000, Nokia seems to be pushing the line a little bit. Not only is it more expensive than practically every other phone that stands at about the same level as it in terms of features, it’s also more expensive that a lot of consumer laptops out on the market today. So, this really begs the question, is the Nokia N96 worth it? We will soon find out.

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