Sony Ericsson announcement on June 17 confirmed

See, sometimes we do get some of our rumors here in UV confirmed, though we’re never sure which ones will be in the first place. Right now I offer you an update about a report I made the other day concerning a forthcoming announcement from Sony Ericsson that is supposedly going to be made on June 17th. Well, boys and girls, it has been confirmed, by none other than Sony Ericsson itself.

Pictured here is a press invite from SE entitled “I (SE) reaching new heights,” with a silhouette of city skyline beside a ferris wheel drawn underneath it. It’s hard to say what these drawings mean exactly for SE and their upcoming announcement, but I think it will be safe to say that the company thinks it will be something big.

Sony Ericsson Announcement

We are expecting the launch of a few much-rumored SE phones on this event, including the Sony Ericsson P5i Paris and G702 BeiBei. Though nothing’s stopping SE from announcing a few different phones altogether. It will all happen in Amsterdam, but we’ll keep you updated on the day the news breaks anyway in the comfort of your computer screens.

GSM Help Desk via USEB

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