Samsung Instinct Will Require $69.99 Data Plan

In a very gutsy and interesting move, Sprint announced today that their new Samsung Instinct touchscreen phone will require signing up for a $69.99 monthly unlimited data package, according to Computerworld. The so-called “iPhone killer” will be released on June 20 but no pricing for the phone itself has been set as of yet.

Sprint has been busy pursuing an aggressive marketing campaign, reportedly spending $100 million to promote the Instinct. The potential success of the phone could lie in what the consumer gets for the $70 plan, so the question becomes what exactly will be included in that package?

InfoSyncWorld clarifies some details that ComputerWorld was fuzzy on. Apparently the $69.99 is the minimum Sprint “Simply Everything Plan” that is available, with 450 anytime minutes, text/web/email/GPS. If this is the case, it will be in line with similar plans available for the iPhone and is certainly affordable and competitive pricing.

Additional details also show that two 1100 mAh batteries will come included with the phone. We will keep you posted when more details emerge!

via ComputerWorld and InfoSyncWorld

Author: Brad Molen

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